Sunday, 19 January 2014

Squat an Inspiration


If there’s one thing I absolutely L♥VE about the internet, it is the way almost anything can be innovated and changed to work in a whole new way. 

I’ve been a fan of  Kickstarter   since it first launched and have had to be very careful about my browsing en route to work, as there are so many amazing things I want to get my hands on...

If you haven’t heard of Kickstarter you must check it out. Remember the TV show Dragons Den...? 

It’s a bit like that, but rather than a budding entrepreneur, full of passionate optimism/delusion, walking up the steps of a random warehouse building to face five suited millionaires who grill them before declaring “I’m out!” they instead log online and pitch their inventions, creations and designs to a world of insatiable gadget and innovation-hunters who can declare “I'm in”. And for a relatively small price, can own/be part of something new and amazing.  

Now, I’m a massive Instagram-phile and during one of my daily scrolls of summer 2013 I came across a feed called Eagle Rock Werkshop which was made up of a series of sketches depicting flexible ladies in various yoga poses.

I love a bit of yoga, so it caught my eye. But what kept my attention that in each of these sketches the model was wearing bright patterned yoga pants of imaginative designs, inspired by everything from colours and shapes, to nature and the stars...

 Images courtesy of Eagle Rock Werkshop

‘Follow’ clicked. I scrolled on...

Some months later though, I spied a note on the Eagle Rock Werkshop Instagram feed updating its followers that it was now on Kickstarter. 

“Hooraaaah” I cried (inside). Out came the card and the rest is history.

The designs are fantastic and from all the accolades I’ve read about the first batch, it seems they are as fully functional as they are fabulously fashionable.

Gym wear is truly great these days; most brands have some lovely lines, that I would probably own everything of, would the bank account allow. But those who gym know that sometimes workout wear can be more tricky to express your personality with and feel truly individual. 

Having the chance to own fitness fashion that is unique, is a dream come true!

Eagle Rock Werkshop were aiming to raise something around the $20k mark, but have just reached almost $80k. A massive congratulations to everyone there!


Images courtesy of Eagle Rock Werkshop

I have just sent off my measurements for the Candy Skull design... I can’t wait till they arrive in March. I will let you know how I find them!

So there you go... If you want to get your hands on something distinctive and one-of-a-kind (or more likely one-thousand-of-a-kind, which is good enough) head to Kickstarter and back some fantastic people like Eagle Rock Werkshop founder Chriztina Marie. SQUAT an inspiration!


  1. Hadn't heard of Kickstarter before. Love Dragons Den, so will definitely be checking it out. Thanks for the heads up :)

  2. You're welcome Henry - let me know what you buy! :)