Saturday, 18 January 2014

The Busy Girl’s Guide to Eating Clean


The subject of this post is rather timely.

The first reason being that it was January last year that I personally decided to “eat clean” as much as possible.

After spending time exercising, it’s only natural to view your body as the amazing biological machine that it is, marveling at the improvements you can make in a very small amount of time (faster and longer runs, heavier weights, more reps, bigger muscles!), so naturally the next step is to consider the fuel that powers it...

The second reason is that we’re mid-way through January, when the gusto with which men and women across the country have set their New Year's resolutions starts to wane. They start to reconsider the resolutions they've previously made; things they know they should do but that they probably won’t stick to, things they want to try but will never get round to and giving up things they like but that are bad for them... 

Everyone knows that one of the top resolutions people make is ‘being good’, i.e. ‘eating healthy’ or ‘no chocolate’. The reason we know this? Because the people that make them can't help but tell us! It always seems to be a chore and it’s always seems to be hard work. But what if there was a way you could eat more, pay less and be full of the vitamins and energy to live your day healthily, happily but NOT hungrily...?

Introducing, The Busy Girl’s Guide to Eating Clean. Here I will take you through my golden rules to eating clean and show you how to do it stylishly, on a budget and in a way that you won’t ever want to go back – hoorah!

Eating clean is simple – literally! If it can’t be picked, farmed or grown, it’s not for you. That’s it!

So, the benefits. Eating clean will:

  • Help banish bloating
  • Lower body fat and show off muscles
  • Provide the body with the vitamins and energy it needs
  • Make you feel great
  • Make you a slightly better cook!

Only five, but really, they’re pretty good right?

Next up are my golden rules to make it easier, more enjoyable and ensure you don’t have any excuses not to.

  • Befriend quinoa. Say it, “quinoa is my friend!” (just don’t go into the shop and pronounce it like this). It’s the perfect part of any meal because it’s packed full of protein, it keeps for ages and you can dress it up and down like a good pair of jeans.
  • Go big or go home! On a Sunday or Monday, make up your roasted veg, grilled meat or quinoa salad for the week, then you can add different bits and bobs, like tomatoes, an avocado here and there etc, but you’ve already got some things made and done.
  • Swap simple carbs for complex carbs. The reason? They take longer to break down meaning you’re fuller for longer and won’t want to snack. So chips, potatoes, rice and bread are out. Sweet potato, brown rice and rye bread in.
  • Eat often and with a perfectly portioned plate... I read somewhere that portion sizes can be guided by hand sizes. One handful of carbs, one handful of meat to two handfuls of veg. And p-p-p-pick up a papaya, pineapple or plate of nuts and raisins in between. Best to eat every 2-3 hours so your body doesn't go into 'starvation' mode and store food as fat. More on that another time. 
  • Have an affair with Tupperware. Honestly, I knew I was really into it when I saw a Tupperware salad holder for one, with a fork and dressing pot attached in France and had to buy it there and then and take it home. Big, small, round, stack-able – get some!
  • Live by these magic words – ‘as much as possible’. Living a fully clean diet has its challenges. You’re busy. You get invited to parties and go out for dinner with friends. No one wants to be ‘that girl’ with the Tupperware container full of healthy-looking food... even if you do have some super cool Tupperware by now. So do what you can, that's enough. At least you know when you do eat that chocolate cake at work, it's just one naughty thing out of a whole day, week, month of pure goodness.

You will feel healthier, eat more economically and your plate will always look beautiful and colourful.

Here’s the proof, try out some of these for yourself and just count the numbers of different veg in each portion - that comes from making bigger batches FYI. 


Honey grilled chicken, chilli-infused quinoa, fresh chopped tomatoes, fresh spinach, peas, chickpeas, mushrooms, avocado.


Honey grilled chicken, wild brown rice,grilled long bell peppers and courgette, beetroot, steamed broccoli, carrots and runner beans with a fresh avocado.


Paprika flecked boiled haddock, vegetable stocked quinoa, kidney beans, peas and a soft boiled egg with a dab of greek yogurt on the side (it's allowed!).


  1. GREAT POST - i'm going to start eating clean as of today! Thanks!!!

  2. This is awesome! All the info you want in one place! Thanks!

  3. Great post, good luck with your goals :)